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Salsa Solo 2011 Images
To acquire a full set of images, click the "buy Now" button below.

You will be sent a link to download your copy of over 1000 medium resolution images, optimised for for viewing on a computer screen. The set includes multiple photographs of all compeditors and Friday, Saturday and Sunday night performances. If you were on stage, there will be photographs of you.

Then choose up to 10 photographs and e-mail a request for high resolution images to be sent to you at no further charge. Almost all high resolution images are suitable for printing at sizes of 8 inch x 10 inch or greater.

Digital images

  Full set of medium resolution images and 10 selected high resolution images: $A 25.50

Digital images downloaded from these links are licensed for personal viewing and printing and for sharing with family and friends. You may upload any images that include youself onto to facebook but may not upload images that only show of other performers or compeditors. Commercial use of these images is not permitted other than by compeditors and performers to promote their personal dance business or dance schools.

Dance Xpose or Bravo Lain - 2011 Events
E-mail orders to ken@jiveimages.com. You will be provided with a link to download a full set of images for the selected event. Fee $20.00 per event.

Condition of Sale
Photographs offered through this site are provided for personal use and sharing with family and friends. Photographs are not to be used for commercial purposes. For privacy reasons, you must obtain permission from persons in the photograph before using them for promotional purposes.

Technical details
Photographs were shot digitally on Canon EOS D5 or EOS D5 MkII cameras with a professional series Canon lenses. They have been individually cropped and color adjusted through Adobe Lightroom Pro.